Pwnboxer Fully Supports MoP! Pwnboxer works fully with the Mist of Pandaria (MoP) expansion in World of Warcraft!!


Pwnboxer is the best multiboxing software which offers a full suite of tools which will enable you to to easily control multiple games at a single time on a single computer. If you are interested in owning your enemies in PVP combat, or if you are interested in making thousands of gold every day, then this software is for you. As a novice or a pro, this software will enable you to play your own army of characters simultaneously.

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A little bit about me

My name is Tim Sullivan. I love World of Warcraft. I also love MMORPGs in general. Above and beyond my love for gaming is my love for building tools and communities for gamers. I was the original founding CEO / Owner Partner of, in addition to several other WoW communities.

Ever since 2009, my goal in creating Pwnboxer is to create the ultimate multiboxing software. Easy to use. Extremely featureful. 100% Legit. Works on all PCs, even slower ones!

I’m not only the owner, but I’m also a customer. I multibox all the time!

Feel free to drop on by and say hello on Frostmourne-US Oceanic (Alliance). I am currently multiboxing 5x Paladins, with my lead one named Timholya!

Blizzard Forums – Multiboxing is Legit!

Pwnboxer is a fully legal software. In fact, Blizzard officially recognizes multiboxing as a legitimate style of gameplay and fully endorses it as a valuable and fun way of playing World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Game Master’s state Multiboxing is AOK!

Once again, Blizzard’s GM stating that multiboxing is fully acceptable in World of Warcraft. Isn’t it about time we went to town and punted a few Gnomes?

Turn this…

… into this!

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Some features of Pwnboxer (click to expand image)

Broadcast your keystrokes from one game window to another. For example, if you press the Numpad5 key in Game #1, it will automatically send Numpad5 key to Game #2, #3, etc.

Broadcast your mouse from one game window to another. Use Pwnboxer to broadcast your mouse click /click locations from one game to another!

Pwnboxer lets slower PCs run more games! Pwnboxer has many built-in features that will take instances of games such as World of Warcraft and run them more efficiently on your PC!

Move your games on-the-fly around your monitor(s). Pwnboxer supports many monitors on a single PC.

Monitor your Internet connection. Pwnboxer has built-in network monitoring for you to know exactly what your network latency performance is at any time!

Programmable virtual keyboard buttons in the form of Dockable Clickmapping. Click anywhere in your game window to activate keystroke broadcasting to all of your games!

In-game web browser. With Pwnboxer you can actually browse websites INSIDE THE GAME! Play your music or watch videos while you wait to raid!

Swap any small game window into a big game window with a single keystroke instantly!

Record your gaming. Pwnboxer has built-in video recording, enabling you to use nearly any video codec available to record yourself playing your games!

Pwnboxer is constantly updated, simply check the Update Log to see a summary of some of the updates we have done! We have been around since 2009 and will be here until the year 3000!!!

Access Twitter from within the actual game with Pwnboxer!

Control individual World of Warcraft graphical/sound settings on a per-game basis!

5x Shamans Chain Heal? Hell yea!

All Gnomes must die!

A few other random screenshots of Pwnboxer

  Access Twitter from within World of Warcraft and send Tweets to all your friends (and enemies)!  Access Twitter from within World of Warcraft and send Tweets to all your friends (and enemies)!
Browse websites from within the game!  Wowhead is that much more amazing!Browse websites from within the game!  Wowhead is that much more amazing!
Farm instances, heroics, and raids, all by yourself!  You keep all the loot!Farm instances, heroics, and raids, all by yourself!  You keep all the loot!

Testimonials – Listen to what other people have to say!

You're a programmer and a gentleman. Thanks pal. --Geoffrey – Geoffrey <> 09-28-11

Howdy, I got going last night, thank you for sticking with me. I quickly ran a 3 troll mage new group for a few minutes. Amazing. I then went to work on my 74 Night Elf Hunter, specced Beast Mastery with Warp Stalker and 74 Human Priest, specced Discipiline. Again, amazing. Woot Cheers, Trav –Travis C___ <>

Greetings Tim. I am Mongol, and Have been enjoying PwnBoxer for a while now...You have customer service down to an art from my good man. Again, Thank you. –Mongol P___ <>

Hey Tim, Just wanted to let you know that I am lovin this program!!!–S__ D___ <>

I've decided to pay for a new license since it's more than a year and I realise that the latest version is a major upgrade. Thx for a great software!–Gat <>

Ordering Pwnboxer

The cost for Pwnboxer is $47. Your license will be emailed to you in 1 minute. This cost helps cover all the development work that has gone into the production of this software as well as the continued ongoing development work. This cost includes one year of upgrades at no additional cost. Please click the link below which will direct you to Clickbank to complete the transaction. Once the payment transaction is completed, you will receive an email with your software serial number and a URL to download the file from. The email will also contain instructions to instantly activate your software. BONUS: You will be emailed access to training videos on setting up Pwnboxer and Multiboxing in World of Warcraft instantly!

Your purchase includes the following:

  • License to use the Pwnboxer software on your PC for 1 year!
  • One year of unlimited upgrades!
  • Software support! Forums + Videos + Email
  • —- Note: All orders now include training videos sent directly to you via email instantly!!!
  • Anything else cool we decide to add and we recently released a MAJOR upgrade to Pwnboxer 2.0. All licensed users get a free upgrade!